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BMW X6, the latest model of company was launched in this year in an auto show arranged in Washington, America. This model of BMW, like all of it’s predecessors added attraction to the company. The car has got a luxurious interior, remarkable shape and extremely well designed auto parts. All the SUVs share a common mission of providing a functional and serviceable vehicle. Though utility of the car is of extreme importance but on the other side of picture styling does matter and a car is always designed keeping in mind latest trends.

The car comes with various features and auto parts that are worth mentioning.  A v8 engines is standard in bmwx6, using twin turbo technology.  A car with this engine and technology has been introduced in the form of BMW X6 for the first time.

Unlike the previous models of BMW this one in particular has replaced the old functioning of engine. It provides a maximum output of 400 hp with a torque of 450lb-ft. With 1,800-4,500 rpm, the car has a great range of engine speed. All these performance measures contribute to make the engine of BMW X6 the

strongest and most powerful engine of BMW X series. Adding more to the attraction of car is it’s eight cylinder engine. It is impressive and majestic. This engine is one of it’s kind in world with a great pulling force. Only this engine features a turbocharger in the V-section. A dynamic performance system introduced in the car makes sure that the rear wheels of car get equally distributed forces keeping a balance between two. An advanced computer control is also featured by this system which assimilates two gear sets and two clutch packs. This helps in multiplying the torque on each rear wheel.  All this has been featured for the first time ever as standard in any model of BMW X6. This technology featuring outstanding options enhances the steering perfection. Emergency communication system which is an innovative step helps to notify about car crashes and provides road side assistance when demanded of it. Other typical safety measures include airbags, front and side. The car has ABS and automatic brake drying.  All of these features are served as standard in every model BMW X6 of 2015.

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