Apple Improves Its Search Algorithm App Store

Apple has redesigned the search algorithm of its App Store. Make developers, as TechCrunch reports, attention to various changes that should have introduced Apple on 3 November. According to them, the search now seems smart and the results to be more relevant in comparison to previous months.

According to the report of the iPhone maker continuously improve the algorithm. Most recently, he got focused on the ranking of the top apps. However, the new update change the actual search based on keywords, which is becoming increasingly important in the face of more than one million mobile applications on the App Store. According to a study cited by TechCrunch half of iOS apps can be found on the search and not for example the recommendations.

"I believe this is a significant change from previous updates, in which Apple has apparently changed the weighting based on certain variables such as input keywords or keywords in the title," citing TechCrunch Dan hero, founder of the consulting firm Analytica. Maybe Apple is developing now even has its own version of the PageRank algorithm.

According to multiple sources of blogs Apple now considers a mix of contextual keywords, brand names of competitors and incomplete matches to keywords in the order of results. Apple also refer for the first time a keywords that are not included in the title or the specified keywords for part of the app description.

Developers who searched for the name of your app, now also saw Apps of competitors, it said in the report. For obese Apple less how often an app had been downloaded so far, what have preferred especially free apps. As an example, TechCrunch called the search word "Twitter". It will deliver more relevant results, including paid apps like Tweetbot. Instagram dip in finding "Twitter", however no longer in the top ten. "For us, the appreciable consequences," said Paul Haddad from Tweetbot developer Tapbots. So far, it is practically never showed his app in a search for "Twitter", now she stand on the result in fourth place.

According to TechCrunch, however, Apple evaluates factors such as the use of an app or links from external sources such as App meetings or mentions in the media still is not enough. Said to be unclear how the changes affect the app downloads and thus generated by Apple and developers revenue.

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